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In Theaters: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Finally caught the new Harry Potter flick in theaters. Pretty pleased, actually. They've maintained the dark atmosphere, while bringing in the new elements, and again, making the tone more adult. But, man, it really felt like the Cliff's Notes version of the book. Yes, I understand they had to cut some points out just to get it to fit on the screen (and I totally don't miss Dobby.) But I can't imagine actually trying to follow the movie without having known the story ahead of time. They did focus on some nice character moments here and there, but as the movie series continues, I kind of wish it was an HBO series instead. Anyways. Good stuff, dark and pretty.

OK, one more: the cast continues to impress. Draco really owned this one, doing a lot with a little. Luna steals every scene she's in, which is a woefully small number. Him and Helena Bonham Carter really made me want to have a Slytherin movie instead.

New trailers:
* A Christmas Carol - Remember how no one liked the animation style in Polar Express a couple years back? How about if it had more Jim Carrey? Whuf.
* The Time Traveler's Wife - I'm beginning to fear that what I liked about the book is what I'll hate about the movie. On the other hand, we don't have enough sci-fi romances out there.
* Sherlock Holmes - Hmm. I'm not sure a Holmes movie needs big Hollywood explosions, but it does look like fun. And good casting.
* 2012 - They should have called this one "Disaster Porn: the Movie" because, wow. Bonus: Oliver Platt.
* Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief - Woefully long title, based on yet another popular kids' book series. So, uh, maybe? Amusing cast, at least.
* Fame - When this came on, I joked about it being a new Fame movie. Whoops! Bonus: Megan Mullally

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