PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

You know, I'm pretty anti-marriage, but if I was to tie the proverbial knot, after seeing Monsoon Wedding I would definitely want an Indian wedding. It is a fine film, really; I loved the subplot with P.K. Dubey.

Now, a tale of two Diablo characters... So, I only play hardcore these days, because I am, in fact, hardcore. I have two characters at the end of Act 3 (which I rarely get through in HC.) My Summoning-Druid walks right into Act 4, took no time at all. Exciting! So, buoyed by this success, I take in my MF-Bowazon. And WHAM, tag-teamed by two Council Members. I got the Fire one, he exploded, which took down my health *juuuust* enough for the Cold one to get me. Feh! The morale of the story is, don't forget to take off your MF-gear when doing the dangerous quests. Heh. (I still need to put up the HC Graveyard webpage I keep meaning to do.)

Oh, and if you haven't seen the pic of Doc Ock from the new Spider-Man movie, click here.

Three brief news-y things:
* Fully armed Nazi bomber planes 'buried below East Berlin airport'
* New exhibit on Queen Elizabeth and the marketing of an image.
* A dorky article on the nuclear clock.

And about a zillion news links later.

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