PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Health care, environmental collapse, and Decipher

"Decades of war and mismanagement, compounded by two years of drought, are wreaking havoc on Iraq's ecosystem, drying up riverbeds and marshes, turning arable land into desert, killing trees and plants, and generally transforming what was once the region's most fertile area into a wasteland. Falling agricultural production means that Iraq, once a food exporter, will this year have to import nearly 80% of its food."

* Is the health care bill too complex to grasp? Bonus: Jon Stewart takes on Bill Kristol.
* Marc Lynch asks: will the Iraq war change how scholars study the Middle East?
* Changing the targets of our drones in Afghanistan.
* Analysis: the message the Republicans sent over Sotomayor.
* Reclaiming Arab identity in America.
* The Explainer, on why Congress gets so much vacation.
* 'Decipher embezzler gets jail.'
* Eight secrets of the Saved by the Bell reunion.'

Tags: 2009, news, science!, tv

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