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22 July 2003 @ 12:57 pm
Last night, fell asleep re-watching Red Dragon (though I got to see the part where he said 'oodles' which is the best part of the film.)

Night before was fun indeed. A tasty dinner at Mandalay with Lemon Russ and Operative X, followed by a trip to Town Hall (no, the booze place) (at which two photos were taken.) On the drive back, I in fact heard "The Humpty Dance", which I now need an MP3 of. (Hint hint.) Thereafter, some TV, and my favorite of late-night drinking and discussion (and some complex things confirmed.) (More on that, eventually, I am sure.) scores another win with today's Goldmine, Glitches in the Matrix.

Courtesy Magistrate, Neil Gaiman's keynote speech at the Eisner Awards.

And OMG, Magnus!

News in a few. Now, conference call.

Fortune Cookie: "You will soon meet a dark stranger."
CD playing: Apoptygma Berzerk, "Unicorn"