PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Romero, transparency, and the Metro

"In a tucked away 'clarification' published on page 7 of a recent edition of L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican produced a document that unequivocally confirmed automatic excommunication for anyone involved in an abortion - even in such a situation as dire as the Brazilian case. It settles any questions about the absolute nature of Church doctrine on the matter of abortion - but could potentially reignite the PR firestorm."

* Oh, hell. Widespread problems found across the DC Metro system. I foresee many long commutes in my future.
* The unknown detention facility at Bagram.
* Will there be a civil war in Iraq?
* The states' revolt over expanding Medicaid.
* And the administration again rejects transparency, this time over the White House visitor logs.
* Interesting read: an anthropologist examines problems on Wall Street.
* Oooh. Evidence of a Jupiter collision?
* Detail on Romero's next zombie flick.
* Whoah. The return of... Batman Beyond?

Tags: 2009, comic books, movies, news, science!

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