PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Gaming: AE-WWII officer

Some background: I'm not a good painter. I enjoy painting, yes, but I am slow at it, and not good at the detailing, even after many years of doing this. That being said, I can do tabletop-ready, which is what I shoot for. (Anything I want to look fancy, I'd have the fiancee paint, heh.)

So, without further ado: Ilsa, She-Wolf of the S.S. I still have a fair amount of fine details to do, and man, I wish I had noticed that stripe above the armband before now. (Yes, a Nazi. She's one of the bad guys in AE-WWII, a very keen Weird War II game with a fantastic background.)

(The colors also got a little washed out in the pics. Or that's my work monitor.)

The fig is sculpted by Bob Murch, for his Pulp Figures range.

This was done for a painting challenge on the forums for the game, basically having everyone paint up one officer for their army, by the deadline, and post the results. I'm grateful for exercises like this, as it encourages me to focus on single figs and get them done, so, I'm looking forward to month #2!

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