PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Wikipedia, prisons, and Philip Glass

"In earlier periods in our history, prison reform was often a priority for do-gooders. In our era, we've waged a war on drugs that's driven the U.S. rate of incarceration to the highest in the world - and then ignored what happens to the more than 2 million people we've put away."

* Top read: 'How they killed Chechnya's conscience.'
* On the Israeli settlers versus the Palestinians.
* Administration pushes back deadline on Guantanamo reports again.
* The Explainer, on how a terrorist group gets "ties to Al-Qaida."
* Hee. Dana Milbank on Steele's health care speech.
* "It is hard to see a plausible argument that excluding public domain content from a free, non-profit encyclopaedia serves any public interest whatsoever."
* Composer Philip Glass, on the music that drives the movies
* Why I love Dinosaur Comics, in two easy pieces: cultural context and profession member jokes.
* Oh, man. One of the upcoming episodes of the Batman cartoon? A musical!

Tags: 2009, comic books, movies, news, quotes, tv

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