PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Indefinite detention, atheists, and the settlements

* Sigh. The White House considers an executive order to hold detainees indefinitely.
* Good read: "There has now emerged a very clear - and very disturbing - pattern whereby Obama is willing to use legal mechanisms and recognize the authority of other branches only if he's assured that he'll get the outcome he wants."
* Marc Lynch on why we must oppose the Israeli settlements if we want peace.
* Supreme Court rules strip search of high school girl accused of smuggling ibuprofen illegal.
* "When jobs go, so do a city's people."
* busts the Republican 'next in line' myth.
* "Why do atheists have to talk about atheism?"
* Traditional arranged marriages meet reality TV in India.
* "How smart is Lady Gaga?"
* Interesting interview with comic book and TV writer Dwayne McDuffie. (Courtesy shadorunr.)

Tags: comic books, news, quotes, welcome to america

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