PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Oh, before the movie, we saw a trailer for Runaway Jury and man, could they cram any more actors into it? Also, should I be hopeful, since they didn't push the fact that it's another John Grisham movie? (Probably not.)

Just got back from a Heroclix tourney. Lost two games (against Goblin and Clive, nonetheless) but I didn't lose as badly as I usually do. So I had fun. (Oh, and I traded for the Atom, which is *very* exciting.) Hosting for Heroclix next Thursday, you have been warned.

Let's start with this good news: Fox pledged less reality-TV.

* More on the Congressional spat in the Ways and Means committee. This is *crazy.*
* Want the numbers on the deficit? There's some un-surprises in here.
* Even the Post is picking up on the giant router security flaw that's been all the rage at work. Sigh.
* Good read: CSM editorial on unnamed sources for journalists. I'm of two minds here.
* Wait, *that* Bob Mould wrote for wrestling? Huh.
* Speaking of, a fine article on ex-wrestlers making a living in Atlanta.

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