PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

the catching-up

Last Friday, ended up heading out to VA to catch up with mscongeniality. We got some adequate Afghani food, and played us some Lego Batman, which is a lot of fun, and kind of tempting, I confess. I was initially going to poke fun at the fact that she's had the Chess soundtrack stuck in her head for like a week, but I've kind of had Madonna's "Borderline" stuck about that long now. So, yeah.

Got bonus Z. on Saturday, enjoyed a lovely Father's Day weekend. I was positively spoiled. Also, an obtuse number of cartoons were watched.

Z. also started summer camp Monday, where she was a big hit.

In hand news, the scratches are healing up nicely. M. noted that a couple of them could have used stitches, and I am beginning to think she might have been right. Oh well. Too late now. Chicks dig scars, I've heard.

M. leaves for her trip to Texas today, which gives me run of the house until Monday evening or so. Panic. I seem to have things to do every night, thanks to a masterful stroke of overplanning and having chores to catch up on. And that's not including a certain kitty that will follow me around the whole time. Her and I will also be catching up on a terrible movie or two, methinks.

Tags: 2009, bebe, gaming, not news

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