20 June 2009 @ 12:18 pm
Transparency, swine flu, and the San Andreas Fault  
* Top ten players in Iran's power struggle. Also, cool: an impromptu rooftop chorus protest.
* Joe Klein takes on the neocon view of the response to Iran.
* Sigh. The Obama administration is also trying to keep White House visitor logs secret.
* Whoah. Growing controversy over military chaplains spreading religion overseas.
* Republicans struggle in Nevada.
* Interesting read! Follow-up on the spread of swine flu in the States.
* The first image from Herschel, the largest far-infrared space telescope.
* Ooh. Reconsidering the conventional wisdom on the San Andreas Fault.
* Why the ladies win out in water strider sex.

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a twitter fable
Congress Hoekstra becomes a meme.
(Courtesy MGK.)

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Oh, I saw, saving it for its own post. Because, wow.