PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night we caught up with Latinate and Voldo, and saw The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It was pretty bad, but honestly, my sights were set so low, it did exceed my (did I mention low?) expectations.

The plot was entirely different than the comic books, which is a good thing. Despite having Quartermain as the main character, they *still* spent too much time trying to give everyone a little characterization, which just diluted the whole process. (In case you didn't hear me rant about it before the movie came out: Connery was a terrible pick. It not supposed to me Allan Quartermain and his League. It's an ensemble piece, and Connery *can't* do anything other than be the center of a movie.)

And why bother explaining everyone's backgrounds? We *know* them already, that's part of the point.

And M? Huh. Not my pick, but that's their thing.

I also find it hard to believe this was the guy that did Blade, considering how convoluted the fight scenes were. But they had to glaze over the Connery ones, so you couldn't tell how big and fat he is. And they had to glaze over the Hyde ones, because they don't want you seeing how bad his special effects were. And why was Nemo a samurai? asdlf;kjsda

And after all that, yeah, it was bad, but not a waste of a couple hours.

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