PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Other people posted this too, but this is big and weird: police called in to break up a Democratic protest in Congress.

Here's something you won't see posted elsewhere (other than Japanese wrestlers whose characters are, uh, a salsa band.

* Info-gate: more contradictions: State Department had copies of the uranium documents three months before State of the Union.
* But don't worry! The White House says they will have more facts... soon. Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists can get cracking on this news of a mysterious death in England
* Those who want to e-mail the president must now navigate as many as nine Web pages and fill out a form that asks if they support White House policy. (!)
* The education president: government's new formula for calculating financial aid means 84,000 students won't get it anymore.
* But the recession is over! Oh, wait.
* Paul Krugman, on more lies by Bush, as debt impinges on his credibility.
* Howard Kurtz, on how politics is literally just money now. (Oh, and how Tom Brokaw isn't running for president.)
* Gene linked to depression.
* Survivors of the Russian theater hostage crisis facing government stonewalls and continued health problems.
* Well, duh: eating more food makes you overweight.
* Arab governments only paying lip service to democracy.

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