PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

D-Day, drug subs, and 2012

Today is the 65th anniversary of D-Day. Did it mark the end of the UK as a superpower? Also, historical revisionism of the event. Bonus: BBC Q&A.

* Good read: Marc Lynch on Obama's Cairo speech.
* Why what worked in Iraq won't work in Afghanistan.
* Whoah. Drug cartels dramatically increase their use of submarines.
* Why Hezbollah doesn't want to win.
* Joe Scarborough on how he'd 'restore American conservatism.'
* New exhibit celebrates the 'father of modern movie posters.'
* Trying out for Jeopardy! (as a couple of my friends have done.)
* 2012? "It's a harmonic convergence all right, a harmonic convergence of ignorance and superstition."

Tags: 2009, easy sell, movies, news, tv

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