PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

catching up

I haven't posted a lot of catching up stuff recently. It's been an odd mix of having nothing terribly interesting going on, punctuated by periods of lots of stuff going on, but not having time to sit down and sort through it.

This week M. and I started on the yardwork proper. Shears procured, bushes thwacked, and some work done on the bamboo in the backyard. I say some work because the bamboo itself is a full time job by itself. Seriously, if any of you own a panda, I can totally hook you up. Just keep it in mind.

Yardwork's become a priority also because we've got the party coming up. It's the first actual party at the new joint, so we want everything looking nice. M. and the housemate have done a bunch of work getting the grill situation together and other planning.

M.'s birthday is next week too. Trying to sneak in some nice plans for that in between everything else.

So, yeah. This and that. Sure there's other things I'm forgetting. Also a general undercurrent of other bureaucratic crap, including possibly my third stint on jury duty. Sorting out insurance crap, updating child support yet again, etc. Trying not to let the mess get to me. Plans in the work to get some minis gaming in, possibly in VA. Catching up with friends I haven't seen in too long. This and that.

Tags: 2009, not news

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