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On this day in 1917, Russia's Czar Nicholas II, his empress and their five children were executed by the Bolsheviks. Also, in 1945, the US exploded its first experimental atomic bomb, in the desert of Alamogordo, NM.

Coincidentally, Corey Feldman turns 32 today. And happy birthday Silverfox!

Beard trimming was successful last night, though it's no simple process. And it's dramatically increased time spent shaving, which is an interesting trend.

Last night was also a disasta of canasta proportions. I did learn (more or less) how to play the game (and that I need a cheat sheet of the obtuse rules.) However, poutine was achieved, which was a prize. The one-sided canasta game was abandoned in the face of Harry Knuckles and good conversation, and following the retirement of the majority of the crowd, we settled in to watch Jan Svankmajer Alice, which was every bit as messed up as his Faust. Afterwards, restful napping.

Tonight, Assault on Laundry.

Huh. New Tarantino film, Kill Bill, to be released as two movies.

* Only three Democratic contenders say they support gay marriage. Others come out opposed. This division isn't what the party needs right now.
* Oh, right. I forgot about Bush's missile defense program also.
* Howard Kurtz on the White House's losing streak, and the rest of the media roundup. Good stuff here.
* Thomas Friedman talks about the need to win the real war: installing a decent government in Iraq.
* Greenspan hints at yet another interest rate cut, in the face of Bush'd deficit that will be with us for a decade, minimum.
* Uh-oh. New study finds a tenth of HIV cases resistant to traditional drugs.
* Channel One, junk food and commercialism for America's youth.

"...This year's budget deficit may soar past the $450-billion mark. Four hundred and fifty billion smackers. Remember way back -- that is, three years ago -- when we actually had a surplus?"
-Howard Kurtz

"We gave [Hussein] a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in."
-President G. W. Bush, wrong or lying, this Monday

Fortune Cookie: "Appearances are often deceiving."
Song Stuck In My Head: the haunting theme from Harry Knuckles

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