PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Justice Department to defy court order, which could lead to dismissal of the case against Moussaoui.
* Why isn't this on the news? Tensions still very high on the Iraqi-Syria border.
* NAACP stood up by three Democrats. Also, they note Bush has never been to one of their conventions since he took office.

NYTimes special: Frontier justice as foreign policy. How the campaign to kill Hussein has no precedent in US history.

* Good overview in the NYTimes editorial: Uranium Quicksand.
* Nicholas Kristof on the 'broader pattern of dishonesty and delusion' and the abuse of intelligence, including a group of ex-spooks calling for Cheney's resignation.
* Paul Krugman keepin' it real, also with harsh words on corrupt intelligence, and how we were lead by the nose into a war we didn't need.

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