PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Gaming, Lost, and ugh

Finally got around to adding pics to my Lost post. As before, I'd like to thank the website Sledgeweb for always having insightful conversation and details, and Lost-Media for always having a plethora of screencaps.

Almost at the stage of 'if I teach people a cool minis game, then I'll have more players to play with.' I enjoy the games, but am not always the best teacher unless I have the system down pat. And the games I want to spread are ones I haven't played enough to explain comfortably, hence why I want to expand the base.

Feel way out of sorts today. Could be that I've slept a total of, like, 12-14 hours since Tuesday. Could be the painkillers I took last night for my headache. Could be lots of things. Hopefully work will be kind to me and stay uneventful.

Tags: 2009, gaming, not news, tv

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