PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

can't help myself

Previously, on Dollhouse...

* '...unfortunate technological anomaly...'
* Eee freaky homemade chair!
* Original Dr. Saunders! Whiskey was the #1 active.
* "All hands on deck."
* 48 personalities. 'Composite event.' Smashed his own primary, first.
* "Whiskey. Let Echo be number one."
* "Understand Hell now."
* "Good luck with the whole 'God' thing!" -Topher
* Heh, evil lair.
* "Alpha, meet Omega."
* "Oh God!" "Oh, gods."
* "We're not anybody because we're everybody." -Echo
* "Who are you?" "I'm Echo." "And who's that?" "I'm nobody."
* And, Whiskey finds herself. Literally.
* And, Ballard saves November.
* "Caroline."

Well played, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not holding my breath for renewal, but you never know. At least they went out well.

Tags: 2009, not news, tv

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