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Previously, on Lost...

* "What if this is why we're here? What if this is our one chance to put things back the way they're supposed to be?" -Jack
* (Uh, Jack, why do you think this isn't 'the way things should be'?)
* Thirty years later. Ship in a bottle! Richard! Locke and a boar!

Richard: Something's different about you.
Locke: I have a purpose now.

* "He helped get me back." -Locke
* "His name is Richard Alpert. He's a kind of... adviser. And he has had that job for a very, very long time." -Ben
* "I watched them all die." -Richard
* Hee, compass.
* "I'm not afraid of anything you can do anymore, Ben." -Locke

Jack: All the misery that we've been through, we'd just wipe it clean. Never happened.
Kate: It was not all misery.
Jack: Enough of it was.

* Dharma village built on the bomb!
* "Alright, dude. We're from the future." -Hurley
* Interesting. Richard doesn't know where Locke was.
* Demands to see Jacob!
* The Beachcraft! Locke sets up bringing everyone back himself! (Well, sort of.)
* Island never told Ben things! Ben's never seen Jacob!
* "Draw me a map." Bet that becomes the secret map in the Swan.
* Tunnels, underwater.
* Evacuation. Hee, baby Miles.
* "We'll buy Microsoft." -Sawyer
* "Good riddance."
* Tunnels. Shrine? "It's a twelve foot long, forty-thousand pound hydrogen bomb. No, not through the pool." -Richard
* "...And if it doesn't, it'll at least put us out of our misery." -Sayid
* Locke addressing everyone. Bringing them all to see Jacob.

Richard: I'm starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble.
Ben: Why do you think I tried to kill him?

* "Whatever happens, I got your back, remember?" -Saywer
* And, the bad sub special effect leaves.
* "Well, now what?" -Eloise
* Locke's pilgrimage. "I'm not interested in being reunited with my people."
* "...So I can kill him."

So. Lots of Richard tonight. And despite previous theory, it's now entirely possible that Richard lives his life straightforward... but doesn't seem to age, ever. Which is weird enough! Fingers crossed we get more on him next week... in the season finale. And Lost totally knows how to end a season.

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