PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Happy Bastille Day, everyone.

Last night before the movie, I bought a beard trimmer, as I am formally shaggy. Will try it out after bookclub tonight.

Two beard-related notes:
1.) I am going to pretend that part of the beard is growing in blond, not grey, because I'm not cool enough to have a salt-and-pepper beard so early.
2.) Combing the beard feels gooood.

* More revisionist history: now they are saying the Iraqi uranium claim was accurate, but only the evidence was unsubstantiated. Riiight.
* Iraqi occupation could cost $100 billion as the deficit is "exploding."
* India declines to send troops to Iraq.
* Gambling is on the rise with teens.
* Metro expansion unlikely, thanks to layoffs.
* MD tuition to rise as much as 21%.
* 135-year old Civil War mystery, solved in Iraq.
* What we could learn from Ben Franklin on dealing with France.

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