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Previously, on Lost...

He's a time-traveling physicist!
He's a snarky ghostbuster!
They fight crime!

* Previously: "Then God help us all."
* "...I believe it's my son's fault that Desmond has been shot." -Eloise
* He was at Dharma HQ in Ann Arbor?
* "Who told you to get on a plane?" -Daniel
* "You don't belong here at all. She was wrong."
* Metronome. Piano.
* Errand at the Orchid. Big rush for a time traveler!
* And, back to the donkey wheel, from the first scene of the season. Full circle.
* "I need you to order the evacuation of every man, woman, and child on this island." -Daniel
* "I'm from the future."
* "Dr. Chang, Miles is your son."
* Daniel's post-graduate grant, courtesy Widmore.
* Hee, journal.
* Two ways out: sub, or jungle. Why not join the Hostiles/Others?

Sawyer: He still crazy?
Miles: He's on a whole new level, man.

* Heh, Eloise is a Hostile.
* Upset at seeing plane wreckage, doesn't know why.
* Condition affects his memory. Magazine.
* Recruited directly by Widmore!
* And, Widmore confirms he did arrange the fake crash, gotcha. I'm getting more dubious about his reasoning, though.
* Island will heal Daniel!
* Pylon fence code: 141717.
* "It's over, here. For us, anyways." -Juliet
* Back to the beach? Sure.
* Oh, Charlotte.
* Shootout! Unexpected!
* Mom tells Daniel to take up Widmore on his offer, interesting. She's definitely not entirely in Ben's camp.
* "This is our present." -Daniel
* "I just got shot by a physicist!" -Radzinsky
* Four hours later, drill into a pocket of energy. Swan hatch! Button! Plane! Freighter! "We can change that." NICE.
* "I've been spending so much time focused on the constants, I forgot about the variables."
* "I'm going to detonate a hydrogen bomb."
* (Anyone else see that freaky trailer during the commercial break? "What did you see?")
* Marina Medical Center
* "Your husband has become a casualty..."
* She doesn't know what's going to happen next!
* Oh, hi Widmore. Yep, he's the dad.
* Heh, Jack just doesn't care anymore, which is kind of fun.
* Least guarded Others camp ever.
* Richard doesn't recognize Daniel? "Where's the bomb, Richard?"
* (Hey, I have that exact same mug at home.)
* "You knew. You always knew."

So, uh. What does Widmore want? He sent the freighter to get Ben, and he planted the wreckage, but I don't think I can buy Ben's line about Widmore just wanting to exploit the Island anymore.

And man, this was the 100th episode of the show, too. Gravy. Bonus LATimes photogallery of how we got here.

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