PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Yesterday after work was a small get-together at a bar near work for the employees who had recently been laid off (and a couple still-employed crashers like myself.) Very fun, despite the somber mood, and I got to catch up with a couple someones I hadn't hung out with in a while, and elicited promises to hang out in the future.

That night, however, was Bones. I will forever regret not seeing it in a theater, because it was *terrible.* I'm watching it and imagining the cut scenes that explain where the rest of the plot went. Highly fun, but next time I will need drinkin' to get me through it.

And this morning before the CostCo/baby-clothes-shopping run was that Patrick Bergin Robin Hood movie, which is still decent. I'm ashamed to say I like the Kevin Costner one better though.

In case you missed it elsewhere, here's the rubber ducks floating around the world story.

Good news: Title IX reaffirmed.
Bad news: GOP blocks minimum wage hike.

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