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OK, M. and I fell behind a bit on the show, but we're caught up now.

Previously, on Heroes...

Chapter Ten: 1961

* Hee, Linderman's even creepy as a kid. And Arthur's notably missing. As is Sylar Sr.
* OK. Deveaux is a powerful telepath, as it turns out.
* ZOMG they explained why Angela was a shoplifter! Unexpected.
* Holy crap, Angela started the Company herself!

Chapter Eleven: I Am Sylar

* Heh, 'identity crisis.'
* I called the Sylar shapeshifting into his mother thing, but man, wish I hadn't. Eep. Shades of Psycho.
* It was a neat framework for the episode, though, and an interesting trial for Sylar. Again, we come back to: now that he can do anything, what does he want to do?
* I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Micah is a criminal mastermind. He almost had Sylar convinced.

And next week's the season finale, and things are getting back on track. Nice way to go out.

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