PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

sigh. second try.

Man, I hate when I accidentally erase a mostly-completed news post. Well, here's the make-up version.

* IMF reports the global economic recession is the worst since WW2.
* "...The Bush Administration began planning for its harsh interrogation program months before it received legal authorization, and that Pentagon policies led to much of the mistreatment of prisoners in the photos from Abu Ghraib."
* Advocates of civil liberties feel let down by Obama. (Personally, I think they may have had unreasonable expectations...)
* Two men behind the torture memos.
* Steven Schmidt warns the Republican party that it's time to stop opposing gay marriage.
* Senators rate who their most and least bipartisan members are.
* Project Runway return set for Aug. 20th on Lifetime.

Tags: news, tv

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