PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

UPDATE: Pirate not charged in 'sausage' beef. (Again, Operative X wins.)

One of my co-workers just had his second kid, and he decided to get traditional and hand out cigars. I figure, what the hell, let's give it a go. Lesson: learned. Not as nasty as cigarettes, but I still couldn't get more than a quarterof the way through before I gave up. Though I did get to impersonate the Kingpin for a brief moment there!

BREAKING NEWS: President watches elephants hump. Film at 11.

Last night was some fine 40k gaming at Dream Wizards. 750 points for the Eye of Terror. I took my IG to face off against the Death Guard, adn to make a long story short (since very few people here care,) even Typhus dies when you shoot him with a battle cannon. Afterwards, a brief visit to Knitting Night, then home.

Cool astronomy news: Oldest known planet found.
Historical find: Truman's diary.

* Plot thickens: CIA asked Britain not to cite Iraqi-uranium connection, four months before Bush "mistakenly" adds it to the State of the Union address. And the buck gets passed as Rice and Bush point out that the CIA cleared the statement in the speech. Meanwhile, Howard Kurtz covers the fallout and the outrage. [Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stweart kept referring to Bush's quote about "revisionist history."]
* This recession the longest since the Great Depression? All depends on how you crunch the numbers.

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