PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

The not-that-dramatic return of Bunny #8!

* Young Miles. "I heard him."
* Circle of trust. Grid 334, which is in Hostile territory.
* Bodybag. "OK, so what really happened?"
* Punk Miles! "I need you to tell me why I'm this way."
* Never talked to his dad.
* "It'll help global warming, which hasn't happened yet." -Hurley
* And, Roger finds out that Ben is gone.
* "That's traditionally what you put into a bodybag." -Miles
* Alvarez. Killed by... his own filling.
* Hee, Dharma school logo.
* "Because I can talk to them too." -Hurley
* Naomi! Big hair!
* Way to drink on the playground there, Roger.
* "You're just jealous my power's better than yours." -Hurley
* Orchid construction site
* Hydra Island! Polar bear poop!
* The late Felix, on his way to deliver stuff to Widmore: pics, empty graves, purchase order for old airplane...
* Hiring Miles to track Ben by talking to the dead. For $1.6 million dollars! Hee.
* Dharma classroom. Janitor Jack. Hey, what's today's lesson?
* "I like country." -Dr. Chang
* Secret dig. The Swan! Serial number for the hatch lid!
* "You owe me a fish taco." -Miles
* Talking him out of working for Widmore. "Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?" -Bram

Bram: You're playing for the wrong team.
Miles: Oh yeah? What team are you playing for?
Bram: The one that's going to win.

* "I'm writing Empire Strikes Back." -Hurley
* "I know who took the kid." -Phil
* "That's was Luke's attitude too." -Hurley
* Reading a book to baby Miles. Hmmm.
* Oh, hey there Farraday.

So, uh, Bram, who tried to convince Miles to avoid the Widmore job, is the same guy who had the gun with Ilana last week. But if there not with Widmore, who are they with? Ben and his posse seem a little more, um, subtle.

And if Felix was delivered trying to deliver those documents to Widmore, was it Ben's people that faked the Oceanic wreckage?

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