PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Ghostbustin', climate change, and porn

Time on UMCP's battle over porn.

* Analysis: "Christians are now making up a declining percentage of the American population." Good read.
* For clues as to where climate change is going, look at Australia. (See also: Road Warrior.) Also, will climate change threaten corn production?
* Heh. Remember those Republican governors making noise about rejecting the stimulus funds? Funny story. (Bonus: paper trail.)
* A new group for gay Republicans?
* Islam news: new fatwa approves of nail polish.
* Oh, dear. Looks like the remake of Clash of the Titans is actually happening.
* Dan Aykroyd on the return of the Ghostbusters.
* Order of the Stick has a nice tribute to the late Dave Arneson.

Tags: defend your thesis, gaming, news, science!, welcome to america
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