PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Earthquakes, TV cancellations, and

"President Obama is still relying on behavioral science. But now his Administration is using it to try to transform the country. Because when you know what makes people tick, it's a lot easier to help them change."

* Can Pakistan be governed?
* The new military budget displays a shift in strategies.
* Meeting the White House's faith-based council. Meanwhile, the Christian Right steps back from politics.
* Hefty earthquake rocks... Italy? Bad news for history.
* Obama's global vision begins to take shape. Another good read: does he really need a catchphrase?
* Transparency in action: meet the earmarks.
* Ouch. The anti-anti-vaccine groups unveil the Jenny McCarthy Body Count website.
* Whoah. The new Fast & the Furious is a box-office smash.
* As the season winds down, TV shows on the chopping block.

Tags: 2009, movies, news, science!, tv
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