PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Heroes...

* Last week (or so): "Then make him trust you."
* Patzcuara, Mexico. Way to blend in there, Nathan. "I'll make some calls. Put some things in motion."
* "You always know more than you let on." -Peter
* Three agents killed. James Martin, high school math teacher.
* DNA set off a flag in a random search?
* "I love that song." -Sylar
* "It's an overture to a collaboration, since we both want the same things."
* 'co-opting the native population'!
* Sold both kidneys, twice. Hee.
* "Why did you give me a free pass?" -Claire
* Mass. Can't sleep. Sleep has to be natural, "earned."
* Lifted I.D. badge, $4 tie, west Baltimore accent.
* Is that the same box from Seven? Whoah, guess so.
* Shapeshifter! Physical touch w/target required?
* "Your father and I supported you, but we didn't give you support." -Angela
* "You have no idea what I want." -Sylar
* "You don't chase a shapeshifter."
* "They're hurt, they're dying, and I can't help them." -Peter
* Hee, now even Sylar is berating Danko.
* Cassandra!
* Lies, deceit, betrayal. "It's the price I chose to pay to save the world."
* And, tagged the shapeshifter.
* "I overreached. I screwed up. And now everything is way beyond my control." -Nathan
* "I know what I have to do now." -Angela
* Visit her sister!
* Hee, Sylar's body.
* "Cathartic. Poetic. And tactically fortunate." -Sylar

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