PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I rarely dream/remember my dreams, so it's weird when I do. And last night, I did...

To start this off, let me note I only got a couple hours sleep, so I blame all weirdness on that. Anyways, the dream started with my first day as a U.S. Senator. And it was just like high school. Preppy senators making fun of other, less well-dressed representatives, etc. I was a senator, and apparently an independent, and someone made a snide comment about how the kook candidates usually ran for the House, not the Senate. Oh, and at some points, both Regent and my sister Ripper were also congressmen. Anyways, I tricked someone into looking dumb with movie quotes and stuff, and apparently was 'a people's candidate' and yeah.

Anyways, this convinced me I should run for the Senate.

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