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Previously, on Heroes...

* Last week: "Save Matt Parkman."
* "Rebel said you could help me start over." -Doyle
* "I'm not going to force you to help me, Claire.That's not who I am anymore."
* Heh, rooftop access.
* "Senator wants to play hero? He can be a martyr to his own cause." -Hunter
* And, Mr. Bennet catches Danko.
* Hee, Lionel Luthor.
* "Petrelli family has a lot of skeletons in their closet, Senator." -Hunter
* Did Nathan just sneak a message to Tracy on that legal pad?
* Cover job at the comic book store, hee.
* "Flight or invisibility? ...Put simply, what type of hero are you?"
* "Son kills his father? Epic battle? That's a myth. No. Life... life never gives you what you want." -Samson Gray
* 'Lots' of abilities.
* "Morality doesn't figure into it... You have to kill. That's who you are."
* "You know, there will come a day, it may be tomorrow, or next week, or next year, when you realize the... hunt... your entire life... is meaningless and disappointing. Because there's no challenge in it. All the power in the world doesn't matter if you've lived an unsatisfied life. But I think you know that already, don't you?" -Samson Gray
* "The Petrellis were never exactly a warm and fuzzy bunch." -Mr. Bennet
* "A long time ago I gave up trying to figure out what Angela Petrelli would or wouldn't do."

Mr. Bennet: Be careful - he does his homework.
Angela: So do I.

* Aw, Claire calling her dad for advice on how to be duplicitous.
* "Genetics is an extremely complex topic, Mr. Danko." -Angela
* Incident in Angola! Angela is awesome.
* Arrow'ed! "I want that power!" Hee, dig how he whistles when he does his thing.
* "I'll get it right this time. Do more. Be more. Take every talent. FIght hard! Risk it all! Take real power. Real authority. Change everything. The world. Just to see if I can."
* "I got the answers I wanted. Now I know exactly what I need to do." -Sylar
* "I think it's time things were done correctly." -Nathan
* "I've seen what these people can do, and it scares me." -Danko
* "This isn't about you." -Claire
* Matt Parkman is a baby? What?
* "Your free pass is up. Agents are coming." Why?
* Rabbit!

Wow. So, Sylar's dad was pretty much on the same path, but for the previous generation. Wonder how he was dealt with back then...

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