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OK, Fox, look. Let me level with you. I understand you want to hold on to the Fantastic Four license. Marvel could easily cash in on that, if you don't. And I know that Dark Knight movie last year was pretty popular and all. But seriously. If you're going to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise, it does not need to be darker. Seriously. More adult and complex? Sure. You aren't giving audiences enough credit as is. But the Four is all about family, and adventure. Not grim and gritty, well, anything. Keep it simple. And bright. And fun.

The good news is, you've got the origin story boring-ness out of the way, so now you can just roll with things. Go crazy. You've got Mole Man and the Inhumans and the Frightful Four and the Red Ghost (!) just waiting to be used.

Dardevil, hey, knock yourselves out. But keep around Michael Clarke Duncan, he was the best part of the first one.

Tags: comic books, movies, not news

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