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better late than never

Previously, on Heroes...

* Aqualad is still in the closet, so to speak.
* Albuquerque? Shouldn't he, you know, go someplace near water?
* "You're not Harriet Tubman, Claire." -Alex
* Mr. Muggles, the narc.
* A one-bedroom in Dupont Circle? I guess they do pay well.
* Matt and Peter, public enemies #1. Shoot to kill!
* "What makes you think I won't kill them myself? -Mr. Bennet
* Painting the same image over and over.
* "One life at a time." -Matt
* OK, Rebel has to be Noah or Micah.
* They only sent two agents to take on Matt and Peter, who we just established were public enemies #1?
* Alex, the new boyfriend. Heh.
* "You should have worn a seatbelt." -Sylar
* Big Jim's?
* "That's why Dad and I have to lie, so we can protect you!"
* "I'm strong. Much stronger than either you or your father think. And I know more than you think I know." -Mrs. Bennet
* The Invasion of Building 26! Can't shut down the computers, ehn?
* Heh, Matt remains a bit jerky.
* "He's a terrible driver anyways." -Mrs. Bennet
* She can make fake IDs! DEF LEPPARD. "You were going to do it one way or another, Claire. Just thought I might help."
* 1980. Fleetwood Mac!
* Hee, endangered species.
* "You're special, Claire. And not just because of the whole immortal, healing thing." -Alex
* Hee, Mrs. Bennet knew about dad's hiding spot.
* Blackmail! Mr. Bennet knows about Matt's weakness to sensory overload! Blackout!
* Oh. Sylar Sr. had the killer TK. And killed Sylar's mom!

Nathan: You're not helping him, are you?
Angela: Don't be ridiculous.

* "I would never betray you." -Angela
* "Yes dear. I've had a bit of experience with all this." Hee.
* "I'm following orders, senator. Just not yours." -the Hunter
* "Just remember, Peter can hear your thoughts." -Nathan
* And Mr. Bennet takes the (unsubtle) hint.
* Hee, Petrelli family reunion.
* "Perhaps there's a better way of doing it." -Angela
* "This hasn't turned out exactly the way I wanted it to,, OK, I'm aware of that?... It's out of control, and it's my fault. But I can fix it. In fact, I'm the only one who can fix it." -Nathan
* And Peter made good on his threat to release the tape! Unexpected.
* "You made him sound like Mr. Freakin' Rogers." -Sylar

Luke: Why are you doing this to me?
Sylar: Because you're here and I need to express my feelings. You used me for some joyride and escape. I got news for you, kid. There is no escape. There is only pain and you cannot outrun it. No matter what you do. No matter where you go.

* Sent him home!
* "The enemy has a face, Parkman. And it's you." -the Hunter
* "Nice to know I still have a few tricks up my sleeve." -Mrs. Bennet
* "I need your help, Barbie." -Doyle (!)

OK, this is officially the "Mrs. Bennet is awesome" episode. Seriously.

But damn, they might still redeem Nathan. Sigh.

Good news, also. Bryan Fuller, who is awesome, is back on writing for Heroes.

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