PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Busy like a bee

...but here's some update-y stuff anyways.

Did a big update to the Quote-O-Rama yesterday. Yay me. Now if only I took that time to finishing up site cleanup (or house cleanup, for that matter) then things would be in order.

Angel last night ruled, but I won't discuss it here, in case people haven't watched their tapes yet. But I have questions, and commentary. Still one of the better shows on TV, I attest.

New schedules at work announced tomorrow. I fear. While I get my own pick, nominally, it remains inauspicious. I will probably have to work Saturday days. Which is, blah. More info tomorrow.

I'm getting so worn down by reading news from the Middle East. But I can't stop, really. (I come from a family of news-junkies.)

Sunday was such a nice day outside, I spent some time with friends playing at a local playground. It was a treat. Red Queen and I also watched Boondock Saints (finally) that night. And man, it's pretty damn impressive. Not like, Oscar-winning, but violent fun. Definately on my DVD wishlist. Though, when it was over we watched some of The Princess Bride on TV afterward, and that's a bit of a culture shock, seeing the two back to back. I also got to see a new episode of Zim, which I only recently uncovered was having new episodes again. has failed me for the (second-to-) last time.

Agent Orange has officially decided he's moving in with his gf in June, so I have to get in touch with the landlord, see what I can do about bringing on a new housemate (not that I have a new one lined up, but I have a couple theories.) I really hate moving, and intend to avoid it as long as possible.

Saturday was a fine and tasty housewarming for the Red Queen and Latinate apartment of many cat toes. Homemade waffle cones were had. Dorky things were discussed. Much fun incurred. (Actually, thinking back now, I had a lot of tasty meals this weekend. Weird.)

(And why is my text on all LJ defaulting to some huge text size? I didn't change any settings. It's funky.)

And only after declining a last-minute dinner invitation on Saturday did I find out it was a birthday dinner for Velvet. I have way to many friends with birthdays in a two week span (as aforementioned.) But yeah, will have to make it up to her later. I was only fourish months late with her HannuKwanzmas present, though, so I think I get some leeway.

Tomorrow, Siouxsie and the Banshees show. Thursday, VNV Nation. Aw yeah.

Still pretty miffed about Friday, but blah. Not focusing on it.

MP3: Beastie Boys/Rage Against the Machine, "Intergalactic/Guerilla Radio (Zero PaniK remix)" [And yes, it is better than it sounds.]
Quote: "Christina Ricci's like a great silent movie actress. She brings this kind of ambiguous quality wherein she can stand there and stare at you and you don't know whether she really likes you or hates you. She brings a lot of mystery to her characters." -Tim Burton

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