PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Blockbuster, Yoo, and a Cold War relic

"We haven’t had a healthy, rigorous discussion about our future in many years, and meanwhile the world has changed. Unless we want to be consigned to minority-party status for a long time, we need to recognize these tectonic shifts happening under our feet."

* Good read: Andrew Cohen on the recent Yoo memo.
* Supreme Court rules patients can sue drug makers.
* Marc Lynch grades Clinton's Middle East trip.
* Freakonomics looks at links between hate crimes and the economy.
* Craigslist sued over sex ads.
* What Steele got wrong and Limbaugh got right about the Republican base.
* Whoah. Blockbuster eyes bankruptcy.
* A former Soviet propagandist adjusts to a new world order.

Tags: news

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