PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


I don't like to complain*, but I think at this point I actually must have hurt my right knee clubbing last Saturday. (Which I now realize I never wrote up. Short version: it was big fun! Need to do it again soon. Maybe with a little less booze, though.) I'm not sure how much more of my walking I can actually cut down, but, yeah. Need to minimize impact here until I can heal up some.

The good news is my right thumb has stopped hurting as much. I live in fear of carpal tunnel. But ice seems to have helped that along, which is good, as I am feeling painting withdrawal.

Quiet weekend ahead: catching up with some friends Friday. Don't think there's anything Saturday (other than a Baltimore pub crawl for a friend, which I don't think I can make, logistically.) Still behind on TV shows, but working diligently to remedy that situation. A couple Netflix reviews to come, as well.

* - I really don't. I do, however, like the sound of my own voice.

Tags: 2009, clubbing, not news

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