PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

* Last week: "This of the Island like a record..."
* "Wherever John went, he's gone." -Juliet
* ZOMG STATUE. (Anubis?)
* Locke's at the wheel. Notice that they went out of their way to not show Christian during the scene.
* Flash... and the well is full.
* "My headache is gone." -Juliet
* Three years later.
* Jerry, Rosie (with her Geronimo Jackson shirt), and Phil. Phil being the Waffle Nazi, and the guy who tells the creepy story in Mulholland Dr.
* "Is that a Hostile?"
* Mr. LaFleur, Head of Security. (With star logo. New sheriff in town, indeed.)
* Enis! Zapper?
* Fearless leader blowing up trees, heh. Amy? Giving birth!
* Three years earlier.
* Charlotte's body didn't travel. (But the rope did, I note.) "She moved on, and we stayed."
* Hee, Miles.
* Shots. "It doesn't matter what we do. Whatever happened, happened."
* 70's or 80's!
* "We have to bury them! The truce... oh God."
* And they have to bring Paul's body back.
* "I'm a professional. I used to lie for a living." -Sawyer
* Earplugs, clever.
* Hmmm, and a wrench logo. At the motorpool. Methinks they weren't as important as we were giving them credit before.
* Juliet the mechanic.
* "We finished grid 1 through 3 today. No sign of our people." -Jin
* "It's a boy." Whoah.
* "How's your head?" -Horace
* "There are hostile indigenous people on this island, and we don't get along with them." -Horace
* Sending them home on the sub! "You are not Dharma material."
* "The record is spinning again. We're just not on the song we want to be on." -Daniel
* Alarm. Torch. Richard!
* "That fence may keep other things out, but not us." -Richard
* "If you're not a member of the Dharma Initiative, then what are you?" -Richard
* "And then what?" -Juliet
* 1974!
* "But now I barely remember what she looks like." -Sawyer
* ...And, the Oceanic Six Three. Bringing us sort of full circle. (I still want to know what happened to the other castaways on the Island.)

Loved the sleight of hand with the three years earlier/later. Add in Horace, Phil, and the flippin' statue and I'm sold.

And what, precisely, are the pylons supposed to keep out.

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