PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

in case you missed it

* Next in line: a Green Lantern direct-to-DVD movie.
* Personally, I can't wait for all the goofy Watchmen merchandising.
* Samuel L. Jackson signs a mega Marvel movie deal.
* Some... suspicious news about the Green Hornet movie.
* I try not to even get interested about movies until it looks like they will actually happen, but man, if they actually make a good Suicide Squad movie, solid gold. Lots of untapped potential, especially if they bring in Capt. Boomerang.
* Courtesy shadorunr, it's a 'treasure trove of godawful comic book covers.'

And finally, MGK on the death of scans_daily and the comedic stylings of Peter David. Bonus: part two.

Tags: comic books, movies, not news

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