PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Open doors, straw polls, and conspiracies

"A coalition of good-government groups, led by CRP, is kicking off a campaign - 'Read the Bill' - calling for Hill leadership to live up to their commitment to giving the public 72 hours to review legislation before it's passed."

* New factors: troop buildup on the border with Mexico.
* Joe Klein on bad news from Afghanistan.
* Will the economic crisis threaten the future of the EU? Also, how India is fighting back.
* "President Obama's open-door policy is an effort to nurture an identity that embodies racial history, youth and a stylistic shift in leadership."
* Republican rodeo: Romney leads the CPAC straw poll, for what it's worth. Plus, some on Limbaugh's speech, and catching up with Gingrich.
* The latest conspiracy theory craze? The Birthers.
* Radio legend Paul Harvey passed away.

Tags: easy sell, news

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