PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Portraits, James Dobson, and the antivaccine lies

"This is the legacy that we inherit — a legacy of mismanagement and misplaced priorities, of missed opportunities and of deep, structural problems ignored for too long. It’s a legacy of irresponsibility, and it is our duty to change it."

* The war on drugs failed, and we need to move on.
* Good news: Obama is set to reverse the 'conscience clause' for health care workers. And he's lifting the de facto ban on media pictures of military funerals.
* Helping the Palestinians rebuild their security force.
* Phil Plait on the latest lies by the antivaccine movement. (Bonus comedy by Cracked.)
* Changing of the guard: James Dobson set to retire from Focus on the Family. Amy Sullivan has an insightful commentary here.
* Michelle Obama's official portrait kind of rocks.
* "Octomom is crazy. People like crazy. Crazy is more interesting than boring. It's that simple."

Tags: 2009, news, quotes

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