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late but not forgotten

Previously, on Heroes...

* Last week: "I want them to pay."
* "Noah Bennet has all the answers we're looking for." -Matt
* Too well-trained to be mind-read without... help.
* Five weeks ago.
* "Primatech may have burned to the ground, but that doesn't change anything." -Mr. Bennet
* He wanted to keep it going, Angela didn't. Hee, gold watch. I bet it's an evil watch.
* "This is all I've ever known. What am I supposed to do now?" -Mr. Bennet
* "You and Bennet are both compromised." -Hunter
* Mohinder is preaching about ethics? Really? (I'll pretend this is them showing he's a hypocrite, rather than uneven writing.)
* Four weeks ago.
* "With all due respect, Primatech never did the job that was expected of them." -Nathan
* "They will blame you. They won't understand." -Mr. Bennet
* Hee, storage facility. Nice.
* "There's only so many crossword puzzles I can do." -Mr. Bennet
* "I realize you don't need weapons. But you need perspective. And you need to control information. In thirty seconds you undid a secret that we've kept for thirty years."

Matt: You'd say anything to get the hell out of here.
Mr. Bennet: That doesn't mean I'm lying.

* Bennet tried to bring Mohinder into the operation? Nice. Makes me wonder if he has another Special on the inside also.
* "Turns out he's still middle management." -Matt
* Man, the Hunter has a nice apartment. A little sparse, though.
* "This job is about understanding their humanity, not their ability." -Mr. Bennet
* "If you kill me, I'll get exactly what I want." -Hunter
* And, Daphne's alive.
* And Mohinder is a HOUSE ON FIRE. Nice.
* "Let me walk him out." -Mr. Bennet
* "Take a hard look at yourself before you judge me." -Nathan
* "The job is all I have left." -Mr. Bennet
* Oh hai Angela.
* "All things considered, it went pretty well." -Mr. Bennet
* "You know me. I've always been comfortable with morally gray."
* Hee, returned the watch.
* Painting, suicide bomber. And another giant floor painting, of DC in flames. Huh.

I do like the references to Bennet as a Cold War spy who's no longer needed, except the problem with that analogy is that, even with the Company gone, the Specials are still there, and still a major issue for anyone in the know. I suspected we'd eventually move into a Primatech vs. Pinehearst conflict, but maybe that will happen later, after this whole government storyline plays out.

And again, I like the characterization of Bennet. It's a tough job, but they're pulling it off. They almost have me convinced with Nathan, but he's been written so all over the map in the past, it's hard to buy into any one rationale now.

So. Maybe Mr. Bennet is Rebel? Or working with such? I'm curious again, considering his duplicity.

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