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Previously, on Lost...

* Last week: "You're going to have to die, John."
* Hey, it's that guy that talked to Jack in line for Ajira Airlines. Caesar, right. Life magazine, some familiar Island maps.
* Hydra station! Nina?
* PLANE. What the hell. "My name is John Locke."
* Hey, different island next door this time.
* One catamaran missing - pilot and some woman stole one. Heh.
* "I think this suit is what they were going to bury me in."
* Donkey wheel and... Tunisia. Now equipped with a camera.
* Abbadon!
* "It's nice to see you again, John... I met you when I was seventeen." -Widmore
* Camera in desert? "That's the exit."
* "I was their leader."

Locke: I chose to leave.
Widmore: Why... would you do that, John?

* Four days!
* "They've gone back to their normal lives, and none of them has spoken a word of truth about where they were."
* War coming!
* Meet Jeremy Bentham.
* "Deeply invested" in the future of the island.
* Widmore thinks Richard is wrong about Locke having to die? Has Richard been wrong before?
* Meet Matthew Abbadon.
* Santo Domingo. Sayid! "Build Our World"
* New York. WALT! "I've been having dreams about you."
* "I just wanted to make sure you're OK."
* Oh, hai Ben!
* Santa Rosa. Aw, Hurley thinks Locke is dead.
* "That dude is far from OK!"
* "I help people get to where they need to get to, John. That's what I do for Mr. Widmore." -Abbadon
* "And look how far you've come." -Kate
* Santa Monica. Tombstone. April, 2006.
* Hey, I'm just the driver."
* And of course Jack turns out to be his doctor.
* "You father says hello." -Locke
* "...and we were never important..."
* Writing the note. Familiar spot on the ceiling?
* Ben for the save! "I'm watching all of them, keeping them safe."
* "There is no helping me." -Locke
* "Jin is alive?" -Ben
* "Eloise Hawking? Yes, I know her..."
* And crime scene cleanup. Ring, pocketed.
* "I'll miss you, John, I really will." -Ben
* Dharma folder. Locke spent more than 100 days on the Island.
* When the white light hit the plane, some castaways just disappeared. Time shift?
* Pilot took the passenger manifest, nice.

Caesar: You know him?
Locke: Yeah. He's the man that killed me.

I love how no one was really surprised to see Locke. After all they've been through at this point, really, nothing should surprise them.

So. Richard and Widmore both want Locke to get back to the Island. But Widmore doesn't think Locke has to die to do it, whereas Richard made it quite certain that he did. And Ben... is Ben, and thusly on his own agenda. Does he want Locke to go back? Why so homicidal because Locke knew about Hawking?

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