PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, it's official. I think I stretched a muscle in my calf a couple days ago. It's been stinging for a couple days, and now it actively aches. It's not like I've done anything strenuous recently either.

Dinner was the ever-awesome Jungle Grill in CP, with the ever-awesome Sailor Tork and one bebe (mine.) (And eventually RQ, after she was done fighting traffic.)

Went home, watched XChange. It was bad scifi, but it was interesting. And a Baldwin! (Though one of the low-rent ones.) And Kyle MacLachlan, man, have you gone downhill. But really, main character played by three different actors! Very interesting (if unrealistic) premise. Shadowrun/Cyberpunk fans, take note: I don't think I've seen another movie using monofilament wire, and it is certainly used here, to very gross effect.

However, I confess I may have been in a forgiving mood when I watched it, as earlier that day I watched Space Truckers. Oh, Dennis Hopper, what have you been reduced to? I can't quite say enough about how unwatchable this film is. I kept going, simply because I couldn't believe it could get worse (note: it did.)
Tags: 2003, movies

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