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Previously, on Heroes...

* Last week: "totally off the grid"
* "Need your help. Must warn target. ---Rebel"
* "Which ones did you like, Noah?" -Mrs. Bennet
* "Maybe community college would be a better fit for now." -Mr. Bennet
* Traffic cam photos from all 50 states? I sense... foreshadowing.
* "Not all the individuals out there are dangerous. Some are just plain scared." -Nathan
* Born to be wild!
* "OK, technically I'm a serial killer." -Sylar, who is cracking me up with the glances
* Comic book store. Alex?
* No, let's keep the 'no girls in comic book stores!' joke going, because that's sure funny. Yeesh.
* Uh, seriously? She's like ten feet away, at best and Mr. Bennet can't hear her talking?
* Nice convertible for a comic book store employee.
* New Delhi, India.
* "Stop a wedding... makes no sense." -Ando
* "You're the one I've been waiting for!" -Anna
* Eagle Rock Prison? Woefully inadequate.
* "We are dealing with a threat the likes of which this country has never seen before." -Nathan
* One prisoner!
* Oh, hi crow.
* "He sold you for money, you know." -Luke
* Shattered through insulated gloves!

Abby: This woman is Tracy Strauss and you have her shackled to a chair?!
Nathan: That's why we need better funding.

* "I can breath underwater." -Alex
* "You can't stand the fact that now you're my sidekick." -Ando
* Hiro brandishing a baguette!
* Olympic Diner
Sylar: Our powers are not for amusement, Luke...
Luke: So, what, you only use your powers for a reason?
Sylar: Usually. Sometimes I disappoint myself... Always have an objective. Know your endgame before you lift a hand...
Luke: What else?
Sylar: Keep a clear head. Emotions make you sloppy. The most important thing is that you understand your motivation. Always know what it is you want.

* He left Luke! Man, that's cold.
* "Give me back my friend!" -Hiro
* Heh, as M. noted, looks like Anna's business partner might be more than that...

Mr. Bennet: Do you know what happens if they think I can't control you anymore?
Claire: That's just the thing. You can't.

* "That's your argument? That these people are so dangerous that they have no constitutional rights?!" -Abby
* Dude, shattered. (Why didn't they just taser both of them?)
* I note the Haitian's mugshot is on the board there.
* "He's not being honest with you, Mom." -Claire, who is a mastermind
* "The Company's gone. This is something else."
* If Mr. Bennet isn't on board, Claire's back on the list. Makes sense, in general. He is that valuable, and she isn't a huge threat.
* Heh, Tracy knows Nathan set it up. (M. totally guessed that it was a ploy.)
* Sylar came back for Luke!
* Fax for Ando and Hiro? Rebel again. "Save Matt Parkman."
* And Mr. Bennet is moving out. Aw.
* ("Aquaman's in the closet." -M.)
* Heh, Sylar actually came back for the laptop, nice.
* Psycho Killer, qu'est-ce que c'est?
* Oh, it wasn't Nathan who released her. Nice!
* Roofies? Justice League! Well done!

Next week: "You don't know anything about me."

OK, so maybe 'Rebel' isn't Mr. Bennet. Fine. I'd like to think it's the Haitian, or even Claude (!), but I think I'm just being optimistic there. Any other good guesses out there? (Yes, I know it'll probably just be Matt and Mohinder, but I'm hoping they at least bring in someone cool, like Molly.

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