PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Just a quick update, as it's baby day. Which also means less e-mail today. Fooey.

Second part of TNT's Caesar was same as the first. Very ehn. It's weird how they can remove the dramatic tension from such a mythic moment. Oddly enough, Walken looked better with a beard and in armor than I expected.

Last night was Du Claw dinner with Operative X and her shorter roommate (who needs a codename) followed by 28 Days Later. I was very pleased with it. Very atmospheric, very keen. Closer to the Night of the Comet feel than the Night of the Living Dead feel, but in a good way. Also, it's helping me cement my plans for the eventual collapse of civilization. Two words: riot gear.

And seeing just a few minutes of it last night reminded me how much I like Lion in Winter.

Tonight, stolen dinner at the Grill of the Jungle. Mmmm. Hopefully, the pumpkin will behave.

...aaannnddd, I just found out I don't have to work Friday. Score.

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