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best episode title ever

Previously, on Lost...

* Previously: "I think it'll stop if I can bring them back."
* Ji Yeon!
* "I didn't kill your husband, Sun." -Ben
* The numbers! 1988!
* "Monster."
* Spread out and search the jungle for your missing French friend, good call.
* Arm! (M. totally called this before it happened.)
* Ruins? Ah, this is the Temple.
* And, timeshift. And, sort of decayed arm.
* Smoke column, creepy music box, violin... and dead Frenchmen.
* Not Robert? The monster changed him?
* "It's a security system guarding that temple."
* And he tried to shoot her!
* "You're sick too!"
* Timeshift. YAY SAWYER!
* "Where is Sun?"
* And the Six break up.
* Hee, Klingon.
* Double-shift! That's just rude.
* "Don't let them bring her back. No matter what. This place is death." -Charlotte
* "Look for the well. You'll find it at the well."
* Back to the Orchid.
* "Just had to say something..." -Sawyer
* And, the well. With weird standing stones.
* "I've been here before." -Charlotte
* Moved away, Didn't see her dad again. Mom said it wasn't real! "I remember something now..." Scary man told her never to come back.
* Daniel. I think that man was you." -Charlotte
* "You tell her I'm dead." -Jin

Sawyer: Sure you don't want us to lower you down?
Locke: Where would be the fun in that?

* Juliet thanked him, aw.
* Flash, from below. And the well is totally gone.
* And Charlotte's dead.
* And Locke has a serious fracture. Cave. Christian! "I'm here to help you the rest of the way."
* "I said you have to move it, John."
* 'What did listening to him ever get you?' Oh, snap.
* A woman in LA, persuade them all. Eloise Hawking!
* "I suppose that's why they call it sacrifice."

Locke: Could you help me up?
Christian: No. Sorry, I can't.

* Wheel! "Say hello to my son."
* And, church. Ben gives her the ring, nice.
* Des! "Are you looking for Farraday's mother, too?"
* I thought I said all of them."

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