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Previously, on Heroes...

* Last week: "Sorry Mohinder."
* 43 hours later.
* Plane broke up upon emergency landing. "Some" prisoners escaped.
* Run Hiro!

Claire: How can you be part of this?
Mr. Bennet: It's much more complicated than you know.

* "You're wrong. No one's going to know a thing." -Mr. Bennet
* Nathan has a bunch of mugshots on the wall, will have to check those out later, as my Heroes picture site isn't updating anymore.
* Nathan didn't authorize the airstrike.
* Redesignated as terrorists. For, you know, surviving a plane crash.
* "You come with me and you can fight!" -Peter
* "The trance is compelling him." -Mohinder
* Hee, Usutu's wearing a Universal Studios shirt.
* "I will take their address and send money later." -Hiro
* It totally cracks me up every time Ando calls her Nemesis.
* And, drawings. Daphne shot, and Hiro defending... some girl. In India?
* Meanwhile, in... Newark? New characters? Luke and Mary.
* Sylar read her mail? And made fun of her alimony check? Man, he is a villain.
* "No, I'm going to torture them in front of you." -Sylar

Tracy: I know Nathan too, and not like a brother. I know the way he thinks.
Peter: Because you slept with him?
Tracy: And I think the same way.

* "These abilities have got to be controlled." -Nathan
* And Daphne just waltzes into the camp. I was thinking, man, how could they prepare for her? But then it occurred to me, I don't think Nathan knew about her, and the Haitian doesn't seem to be in his new group.
* "What would your Hunter do if he knew you wre one of them too?" -Mr. Bennet
* Daphne, shot.
* "You. Really. Need. To pay. Attention." -Sylar, still awesome
* "Agent Simmons, Mary is losing her patience. Isn't it your job to protect her from monsters like me?"
* "I could have been a flood or a tornado. Really no difference."

Claire: What are we going to do?
Mr. Bennet: Right now? Nothing.

* 'treat us as liberators,' hee.
* And Tracy's a... triple agent? I don't even think she knows anymore.
* 'kind of like a microwave'
* "You should see what happens around pacemakers." -Luke
* "That's what scares them, what's in here - the will." -Sylar
* "And I let you live, which is kind of a big deal for me."
* Mr. Bennet didn't take the shot, nice.
* Peter stole Nathan's flight! Clever.
* "Containment, protecting them from themselves, that was always my goal." -Nathan
* Your new Justice League: Peter, Mohinder, Hiro, Matt, Ando.
* (OK, I can't wait until Ando boosts Matt's power.)
* "It won't be easy. Credit cards, bank accounts, they're gone. Homes are going to be watched. Can't trust the phones. We've got to find a way to defend ourselves. We leave everything. We do what it takes to survive. Things we can't even imagine. Remember, they're going to come for us. And when that day comes, we have to be ready." -Peter, speechifying
* Nice wood-paneled station wagon, Sylar.
* Mr. Bennet lied to Claire's mom! That's not going to go over well. "The house would be empty without you."
* And, text message. My money's on Mr. Bennet.
* And Nathan's been talking to Angela this whole time. Who totally slams him. Nice.
* "What I've come to realize is that these powers just lead to chaos." -Nathan

I kind of dug the flashback framework, actually. Helped the story along nicely. Nathan's motivation is a little more clear, and not out of line with his character, that nifty mix of nobility and ambition and greed. But I still fear they're going to try and redeem him yet again.

Waiting to hear more on the Hunter. I'll presume for now that his parents were killed by a special, or something.

I'm digging the Mr. Bennet aspect, also. This is totally the kind of thing he'd normally be all-in for, but I think they dropped enough clues that he's really not, with this operation. I had suspicions, and then he told Claire they weren't going to do anything "right now." Is he still working for Angela, waiting for the new Company? Or just keeping an eye on Nathan and the Hunter, to make sure they don't threaten his family? Still one of the most dangerous people out there. And if anyone can contact the Haitian, it's him.

But Sylar? You don't need a sidekick. He's just going to turn good on you eventually, and you'll have to eat his brain.

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