PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Rush, dope, and one Gremlins 2 reference

* The reshaping of Europe, twenty years later.
* Law enforcement increasingly affected by recession. Time to invest in canned goods and shotguns.
* Analysis: news conference shows how Obama will fight back against Republican tactics.
* Marc Lynch on the Gaza invasion and Palestinian public opinion polls.
* Climate change could spawn the next economic disaster.
* Oh, I get it. Bush ruined the economy to get rid of all the illegal immigrants. Now it all makes sense.
* Is Rush Limbaugh the real head of the modern Republican party?
* The Phelps snafu brings back the marijuana debate.
* The Explainer on why Americans looove peanut butter.
* Mental Floss lists eight creepy forgotten kids shows.

Tags: news, tv

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