PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

Cue 'Shaft!' theme music.

* "It's going to take more than two nights for me to get used to sleeping in a normal bed." -Kate
* "I think we should say he's mine."

Jack: Sawyer's not dead.
Kate: No. Be he's gone.

* Ah. Jack planned the big lie with Kate first. Clever.
* What is Sun up to with Kate?
* Surveillance on Jack and Ben. (Oh, and, those files are... interesting.
* Flashes affecting Charlotte's brain?
* "You are going to lose the boy."
* (Side note: blue steel!)
* "We have to go back to the Orchid." -Locke
* "Ben is on our side." -Jack, being clueless
* Hee, Hurley's in the hoosegow.
* Oh, hai Ben. Assassination attempt! Hmmm. Actually, in retrospect, they were using tranq darts again. Who is trying to kidnap Sayid? Widmore?
* Ben's gathering everyone together.
* Shaft of light. Stay clear?
* Now Miles has a nosebleed?
* Screaming. Ah, Claire's delivering. So that light is from the hatch.
* Duration of exposure to the island determines the nosebleeds. And... that means Miles is more than likely Dr. Chang's baby.
* The camp is back. But in shambles.
* Catamarans. Camp was attacked? Water bottle from India?
* Shots! And, flash.
* Motel. And, it's Claire's mom.
* "Aaron is my family, too." -Jack
* "Who's Aaron?"
* "That's my lawyer." -Ben, being awesome
* And he's having Hurley released!
* And now Juliet has a nosebleed. More wreckage. "Anybody speak French?"
* Jin!
* "It's OK, he's with me." -Jack
* And Sun's watching them. I like how she is turning into the outsider in all this.
* "Hello Jin. I'm Danielle."

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